Another business helping communities! #inspirationtonominate #dva17 #NOMINATE NOW

There have been some great businesses nominated this year, who really want to make an impact on their local community. If you know of a business who does this please nominate them, as we always struggle for nominations in this category!

They have also forged a close link with Dudley Mind and recently ran a joint awareness event for businesses helping to understand more about mental health in the workplace.

XXXX  have supported Dudley College with mentoring and, like the Community side, raised significant funds and hosted many fundraisers for national and local charities/groups.

Today’s nominee has overcome his own challenges to volunteer! #inspirationtonominate #nominatenow

These nominations are so amazing. Every single one talks about an amazing individual or group of volunteers, who change lives by giving their time. Do you know an incredible volunteer? Why not nominate them now?

XXXX is visually impaired himself and lacked a lot of confidence, until he started to volunteer within our coffee and retail shop. He has increased his confidence no end, he now helps with new volunteers at the shop and he helps with customer service and helps out wherever and whenever he is needed within the shop. We wouldn’t be able to manage without him!

Our next amazing volunteer nomination is one in a million! #inspirationtonominate #dva17 #NOMINATENOW

This volunteer is described as selfless and always available to lend a helping hand. Do you know a special volunteer? If so please nominate them now!

XXXXXX is a selfless person who will help out wherever she is needed. She spends a lot of her spare time volunteering and helping our clients of the Beacon Centre to ensure that they have a positive experience when here. She is always available to lend a helping hand to both staff and our clients and she also passes on her experience by helping to train new volunteers. She is definitely one in a million!

Amazing sporting volunteers go the extra mile #inspirationtonominate #dva17 NOMINATE NOW

I’m really enjoyed sharing these inspirational nominations which have come in so far and today’s is no exception, this person is clearly a sporting star!  Why not nominate your sporting champion today!

XXXX has overcome his own serious brain injury, that required surgery, to return to the sport that he quite clearly loves and in doing so has been able to put something back not only into the sport but into the community in XXXXXX. The re-use of the former church building in XXXXXX has created a vibrant activity hub that caters for serious boxers but also allows young people to exercise and to train.

Supporting vulnerable people … this volunteer’s amazing! #inspirationtonominate #dva17 #NOMINATENOW

We’ve had some amazing nominations and I thought I would share them with you, in a bid to inspire you to nominate an amazing volunteer you know who goes the extra mile. Read this and get inspired!

XXX is a fantastic volunteer and is always willing and supportive. She helps support on average 25 clients in the XXXXXXX group and one lady living in her own home through our home visiting service.

Want some inspiration to nominate a local business who supports the community? #inspirationtonominate #dva17 #NOMINATE NOW

One of our early nominations was received from a local charity who’ve has some outstanding support from a local business.  We’d love to receive more nominations in this category, so please nominate a business who’s gone the extra mile to support communities or charities!

Without XXXXXXXXXX’s contribution to our materials the products that have become the life blood of our charity’s reputation could not exist. Their supply of items on a daily basis permit us to sell items at a very competitive cost.

They have allowed our clients to come on tours of their factory, have attended every fundraiser we have held and, at their own cost, produced all of our signs for the business.

Their staff, from director level down to the guys and girls who drive the forklift trucks are always very helpful and supportive to our staff and service users alike.