Want some inspiration to nominate a local business who supports the community? #inspirationtonominate #dva17 #NOMINATE NOW

One of our early nominations was received from a local charity who’ve has some outstanding support from a local business.  We’d love to receive more nominations in this category, so please nominate a business who’s gone the extra mile to support communities or charities!

Without XXXXXXXXXX’s contribution to our materials the products that have become the life blood of our charity’s reputation could not exist. Their supply of items on a daily basis permit us to sell items at a very competitive cost.

They have allowed our clients to come on tours of their factory, have attended every fundraiser we have held and, at their own cost, produced all of our signs for the business.

Their staff, from director level down to the guys and girls who drive the forklift trucks are always very helpful and supportive to our staff and service users alike.


Author: Eileen

I run a busy Volunteer Centre and I love my job. Helping people find the right voluntary role can change their life for the better, enhance their self-esteem, improve their social life and give them the opportunity to feel they are making a real difference. Working with groups who involve volunteers, supporting them to develop systems and training them in good practice, helps ensure that volunteers have a great volunteering experience. Really enjoy my blogging and love to share news and info. Follow me at www.volunteeringcounts.org.uk, @Dudleyvols

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