Every picture tells a story! What an amazing evening we had at Dudley Volunteer Awards 2017 #dva17

One of the things I love about our Dudley Volunteer Awards is sharing the films, photos etc after the event, which bring back so many lovely memories of a fantabulous evening! Look at this fab group photo 🙂

If you would like to see the photos before everyone else, please sign up with our http://www.dva2017.wordpress.com awards blog and you will get an email every time I publish any photos, plus I will be doing story boards for every Highly Commended and Main Awardee, with the film, nomination, presentation photographs etc.

Enjoy 🙂


Every picture tells a story and these will make you smile. See the photos first! @DudleyCVS @WeAreBCR #dva17

I think one of the best things about our annual Dudley Volunteer Awards are the fabulous photos we share afterwards, which help show the world what an amazing number of fabulous volunteers we have here in Dudley borough.

Our photographs will all be uploaded to the special awards blog within a few days of the event, so why not sign up to follow this blog [there’s a link to sign up in the right hand menu] and you will get an email as soon as they are published. That way you get to see the photos before everyone else!

Tonight’s the night! Join us at 19:00 and let’s get local volunteers trending @DudleyCVS @WeAreBCR @Dudley Mayor #dva17

Join us on social media tonight from 19:00 hours at the borough’s biggest celebration of amazing local volunteers. Help us get volunteers trending and see if we can break the internet.  Let’s make it amazing.

Help us get the conversation going and celebrate volunteers @shazsaleem01 @andythemull @dia2digits @nicholasbarlow @andywebb416 @pauljaunzems @annagillespie74 #dva17

Please help  us get volunteers trending at this year’s Dudley Volunteer Awards 2017. Let’s celebrate those amazing local volunteers who make a huge difference in their communities.

Please join the conversation and get local volunteers trending @DudleyMayor @1960oakman @stevegball @MattBowsher1 @PCPaul999 @SECONDCITYRADIO #dva17 #breaktheinternet

Please help us get local volunteers trending at our Dudley Volunteer Awards 2017 tomorrow. Let’s get everyone talking about amazing local volunteers and the difference they make every single day in our local communities.

It’s the final countdown … 48 hours to go and we’ll celebrate every single volunteer! #dva17

It’s only 48 hours to the biggest volunteer celebration of the year – Dudley Volunteer Awards 2017.  We are recognising amazing volunteers who add colour to their communities and change lives on 18th October.  I’m sure you’ve been enjoying the quotes from the nomination forms and I’m so excited that I will get to meet these amazing people on Wednesday.

Every single nominee will have their name announced and be presented with one of our special commemorative certificates, signed by the Mayor, Leader of Dudley Council and our Dudley CVS Chairman.

Let’s break the internet and get local volunteers trending @DudleyCVS @dosticen @Donna_M_Roberts @FayeInDudley @HWDudley @nickiburrowscvs #dva17

We all love volunteers don’t we? So let’s get them trending at Dudley Volunteer Awards 2017 on Wednesday night. Wouldn’t it be amazing if local volunteers broke the internet?