A lifelong commitment to the arts and local young people @keith_horsfall @WeAreBCR @DudleyCVS

Keith Horsfall is a committed champion of the arts. Whether supporting, mentoring or developing through the work of charities or being the driving force behind a range of community arts organisation, his passion and enthusiasm is infectious and he seeks to make a real difference across the arts communities as a whole. From his extensive work with various youth orchestras, bands and choirs he has travelled throughout many parts of the world including Europe, North America, Australia and Africa. He has been the director of several major festivals and was Artistic Director for the visit of the Queen to Dudley in 1994.He was Community Cultural Engagement Producer for the Birmingham leg of the Olympic Torch Relay in 2012.

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Sylvia said the tea dance helps people to feel less lonely and isolated and a reason to dress up, have their hair done etc. @DeborahHarkins @DudleyCVS

Sylvia gives us a lot of pleasure in many ways with the dance once a week, some people come and cannot dance; it’s just a nice afternoon. Plus the day trips out, plus the holidays and other parties. Then we lost the Russells Hall hall, she went out and got us the church hall which we are using at present. It does not seem a lot but it is to a lot of people. The average age is 70 years plus and have been coming for many years.

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Without the support of our volunteers these dementia cafes would not be in operation @DeborahHarkins @DudleyCVS

The Café is led by a Group Co-Ordinator with the support of 2-3 volunteers at the cafes.   We have a number of volunteer who attend more than 1 café.  Without the support of our volunteers these dementia cafes would not be in operation, therefore further reducing the support and assistance that attendees obtain.

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Alan is not just a volunteer he is a friend to many! @AgeUKDudley @DeborahHarkins @DudleyCVS

Alan is a very popular volunteer here and volunteers his time three days a week.

He is liked and respected by everyone who he works with and who attend the centre.

He is not just a volunteer he is a friend to many!

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Here is Alan with the joint awardees Dudley Dementia Cafe Volunteers


Steven has volunteered for @Summit_House for 10 years! @stevejball @DudleyCVS

Steve has volunteered for Summit House Support for 10 years. Reliable and prompt to offer help, his cheerful personality has been of great value when volunteering on reception and helping staff with lots of tasks, from photocopying and laminating, to general housekeeping and more. He has also attended many courses to further his qualifications and career aspirations

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Christine is a shining star in Brierley Hill @MSHospice Shop! @stevejball @DudleyCVS

Christine Connolly Began working in the Brierley Hill shop in the summer of 1996.  She quickly became a vital member of the team there, taking on a variety of duties including sorting, steaming and till work.  Chris’s infectious personality quickly became a hit with the customers, many of whom would come in specifically to have a chat with Chris and she’d always make them laugh.

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Here’s Christine with her joint awardee Steven:


Our Children & Families Awardee changes lives! @DudleyCVS @1960oakman @YMCAOpenDoor

Kerry has had 6 placements, one of which was with her for 10 months and her current placement has been with her since June and it’s going very well.

Kerry is a very kind hearted, generous lady, she gives up so much of her own time to the young people. She takes them for meals, to the cinema and away for holidays and short breaks. She is always on hand to help out with a problem or to give advice on a particular issue.

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