Sporting Champion – Malcolm Lindsay

There are thousands of volunteers and coaches in community sports clubs across the borough playing a vital role and without their passion, time, energy and commitment, many clubs, team sport sessions and coaching sessions would not be able to run.

In short, volunteers and coaches make sport happen.  Without this dedicated group of people, who willingly give their time to enable others to play the sport they love, grassroots sport wouldn’t exist.

Main Award – Malcolm Lindsay

Malcolm’s passion and unswerving commitment to youth football over many years, lead to the Panel making the unanimous decision to award him the Sporting Champion Award 2017.

He is a current President and Vice-Chairman of the SDYGFL and has served in various positions since joining the committee on the formation of the SDYGFL in 1974.

Read his full nomination here: SPORTING CHAMPION Malcolm Lindsay

The nomination film really tells us about Malcolm’s commitment:

Here is Malcolm, with his sons Christopher and Andrew, receiving his well-earned Sporting Champion Award: